Product Development

Product Development

Analytical Capabilities

  1. Thermal Analysis
    • Thermal Endurance & Classification
    • Glass Transition Temperature Determination
    • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
    • Thermal Conductivity
    • Thermal Cycling
    • Thermal Degradation & Weight Loss
    • Elevated & Sub-Ambient Temperature Exposure
  2. Electrical Analysis
    • Dielectric Strength & Constant
    • Dissipation Factor (at various frequencies)
    • Dielectric Breakthrough
    • Surface Conductivity/Resistivity
    • Volume Conductivity/Resistivity
    • Sheet Conductivity/Resistivity
    • Thermal Aging – Electrical testing after long term thermal aging
    • Thermal Soak – Electrical testing at room temperature and above
  3. Mechanical Analysis
    • Tensile Strength & Modulus
    • Flexural Strength & Modulus
    • Compression Strength & Modulus
    • Adhesion Strength (lap shear, peel & pull off)
    • Impact Strength
    • Thermal Aging – Mechanical testing after long term thermal aging
    • Thermal Soak – Mechanical testing at temperature points high & low
  4. Environmental Analysis
    • Chemical Resistance
    • Corrosion Resistance
      • Humidity
      • Salt Spray
      • Prohesion
    • Flame Resistance
    • UV Exposure
  5. General Properties Analysis
    • Cure Profile at Humidity & Temperature
    • Viscosity / Rheology
    • Shrinkage
    • Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR)
    • Color & Gloss
  6. Customer-Specific Qualification Testing
    • Frequently, customers require testing that is unique to their engineered design.  These esoteric tests can be a combination of the capabilities shown above, performed in a manner to best replicate their intended use.  Our development personnel work closely with our customers’ engineering groups to develop these specialty test protocols.  Our goal is to perform as much of the qualification testing as possible to minimize the demands placed on customer-side engineering resources.  We develop products to be as close to “approval-ready” as possible, for final qualification testing and approval by the end-user.

Our Approach

Since our founding over sixty years ago, our strength has been our ability to develop products tailored to our customers’ unique needs.  Often these present as novel applications where the right material does not yet exist.  Our products typically become the last piece of a broader, complex engineered design, or are the solution where an off-the-shelf material has failed in service.  The success of our business has been built upon our development process, and our ability to work with customers to understand their requirements and the material properties that are critical to success.

Drawing from our understanding of your application, and our database of over 1,000 formulations, we undertake a selection process aligned with your qualification protocol.  In a new product development, we can perform the majority of the qualification work via our in-house analytical lab.  Collaboration with your in-house engineers is critical to guide the development process to yield a product that meets or exceeds their specifications.  By acting as your outsourced materials development lab, we can save you significant time and resources toward a new material qualification.

Once the product selection or product development process is complete, we assist in designing the optimal end-user application process.  From surface cleaning and preparation to selecting the proper methods and application equipment, these process considerations are critical to generating repeatable outcomes and ensuring the long term success of the product once applied.