Who We Serve

Relevance – Versatility – Impact

Our specialty, application-based approach enables our products to have potential uses across a wide array of industries.  Emanating from our early years developing materials for large electric motor manufacturers, Astro products have established a long track record of successful use in critical applications within the Power Generation, Industrial Motor, and Electronics/Electrical industries.  From this deep knowledge base, and our customer-centric focus, use of Astro products has expanded greatly over the ensuing years into a variety of industries such as:

  • Electricity Transmission & Distribution
  • Composites
  • Electrochemical & Energy storage
  • Oil & Gas Extraction & Production
  • High Temperature, Carbon & Ceramics
  • Wood Restoration & Construction
  • General Plant MRO

While the material requirements of these many industries may be diverse, they are also very specific and demanding.

We pride ourselves in being experts within our areas of focus, and look forward to helping you select the best product for your application.